Frank Wesseler – Visual Process Mapping

Medieteknik Live / Öppen föreläsning i medieteknik med  Frank Wesseler

Freelance trainer and Head of global training program at Bikablo

This open lecture will be held in English.

After a short introduction to Visual Thinking, we will dive into the realm of process mapping. We will ask ourselves why process mapping exists and how we enhance existing techniques. Though automation has transformed business processes, it is still people who control and perform the actual tasks. To succeed at business processes, we need human emotion, identification, and energy. We will start drawing pretty quickly and then apply what we have learnt in short break out sessions.

22 september kl. 13

Frank Wesseler has been working as a process improvement consultant, coach and trainer for more than 15 years in numerous countries and industries. In all of his trainings and workshops Frank uses visualization to make dialogues visible and use word-graphic combination to increase the learning. In 2014 Frank got introduced to bikablo® and has not stopped using it ever since. He embraces the technique and joined the bikablo® trainer team in 2016, where he also heads up the global trainer team.

Medieteknik på Södertörn har drivit vår serie öppna föreläsningar sen  2003.
Alla är välkomna att besöka dessa föreläsningar.