JP Bichard – Under the Radar

Medieteknik Live / Open lecture in media technology with JP Bichard – Under the Radar

JP Bichard’s work looks at ways of deconstructing culture through artistic practice. Their work is an ongoing series of enquiries into: gender, presence, identity and power. They have worked for the past three decades as an artist, photographer, producer and filmmaker. Bichard will giva a lecture consisting of two parts. Part 1) Guerrilla media production, where Bichard will present his works and artistic strategies over three decades. Part 2) Frivolous Colour, a short lecture on colour, it’s meaning and strategic use in media production.

Pronouns: they/them

Eternally restless and with a passion for creating and working across a range of artistic contexts, JP Bichard see media as a fluid palette that is not limited by a technology or medium. Influences range from Baroque portraiture to video game tropes and environments to Russian film and extreme contemporary dance. A gender queer, feminist ally who works at questioning societal and personal constructs, unpicking patriarchal norms and exploring at the edges of society through alternative narratives.

They are interested in the margins: the people and places that cross boundaries, live in the cracks between normative notions of existence. This is not a focus on the traditional ’outsider’ but rather, a more fluid interrogation of the states of uncertainty between gender, sanity and physicality. Over the years, these musings have drifted into discrete themes: violence as narrative, self-identification through trauma, the documentation of extraordinary alter egos, and an exploration of gendered aesthetics. Bichard is currently living and working in Stockholm Sweden. They have work in numerous public and private art collections internationally.

February 7 at 13

Plats: MB416 (OBS!) at Södertörn University

Everyone is welcome to this MT-Live open lecture (contact for mor information).

jp brichard
jp Bichard